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  • Cuticle Oil

    Are cuticles even that important anyway? Well that depends, Its actually the outer surfaces of the skin cell walls around the nail bed with and ...
  • Caring For Your Skin In While Away at School

    If you've been fortunate enough to ever go away to school then yo know first hand how difficult it is to do your skin care routine. Between not hav...
  • Topical Collagen, Is it worth it?

    Collagen is known across the world as a beauty must have. It keeps the skin tight and right. Topical collagen as an ingredient added to creams or s...
  • The Perfect Selfcare Day

        Honestly I don't think I ever did selfcare the right way. I used to think selfcare was anytime that I was able to isolate and escape the world....
  • Repel Elixir

    Are you tired of the mosquitos?
  • Lets Do An At Home Pedi With Lexurious!

    Did you know that foot soaks have the power to alleviate symptoms from colds and flu, to abdominal pain and more. Foot soaks increase your overall...
  • Why is Anti-microbial beneficial?

    Find out more about the benefits of products that have anti-microbial properties
  • Ok, So Lets Get To The Bottom Of Salt

    Find out what you should be using in your body scrubs!
  • Primitiva Collective is now open!

    Check out the weekly line up at Primitiva Collective
  • What are radicals & Why do we fight them

     We always hear "This fights free radicals on the skin" often with out understanding what radicals even are. Understanding free radicals more will ...
  • Dear Momma

    Momma spends so much time giving to others and not enough time giving to herself.
  • Calling All Lexurious Pet Owners!

    As some of you may know, Lexurious Skin Care is partnered with Once Upon A Paw, NFP. OUP is a pet organzition with the mission of saving over 1000 ...