Caring For Your Skin In While Away at School

If you've been fortunate enough to ever go away to school then yo know first hand how difficult it is to do your skin care routine. Between not having a personal bathroom, to time constraints it truly seems impossible at times. But the truth is, if you want to have great, healthy, and youthful skin you must try your best to keep it exfoliated and moisturized. 

First, I must say, NO ONE, wants to do a skin care routine in a shared bathroom. Even though skin care routines at Lexurious look a little different, they still require multiple steps. It's no secret that college students usually find a way to procrastinate. The last thing they are thinking about is a five step skin care routine while running late for class. We've curated a simple routine for our college bound beauties.

First step is soap! Any type of skin care routine should be done on clean skin. Why? Because we do not want to massage dirt, toxins, or pollution into our skin causing an array of problems to flair up! That's why! Second step is Moisturize. Immediately after a shower is preferred because your pores are still open and susceptible to receiving the nutrients from your Lexurious butters or elixirs. Last Step is hydrate. Pay close attention to your water intake. You can do all the steps you want but if your skin is dehydrated, non of them will matter.

You can grab everything you need right here on our site. We've taken the time to curated college care packages that'll have everything you need to send off to a college beauty that will help keep their skin nourished and protected. It even includes some fun college must haves!

Even though youth is on our side we all know that it doesn't last forever. Take care of your skin now, It'll thank you later


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