Cuticle Oil

Are cuticles even that important anyway?
Well that depends, Its actually the outer surfaces of the skin cell walls around the nail bed with and extracellular matrix. Cuticle oil is absorbed into this matrix of the nail and surrounding skin; when it penetrates these areas, all of the nutrients get distributed and the moisture is locked into the nail plate. 
Cuticle oil has many benefits, with its main benefit being strengthening and thickening nails. It moisturizes the nails and cuticles. Cuticle oil is Anti-Microbial, prevents manicure chips, and helps your Nails Smell Better! This is why is was a must to add Cuticle oils to our collection! This all natural blends of oils with a little bit of butters will leave your nails feeling refreshed and new!
We created an all natural, handmade cuticle oil formulated to help protect the nail beds of our beauties. We blended carrier and essential oils that are known to strengthen and helps grow your nails. Keeping your cuticles protected also helps fight infection by preventing cracked and bleeding cuticles. So, its more than about just adding moisture, it has a job to protect.
Make sure you grab your cuticle oil while their still in stock. It is a limited item so once its gone, its gone. You can also find our oils in Primitiva Collective in Uptown, Minneapolis.

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