Ok, So Lets Get To The Bottom Of Salt

So which one is best, salt or sugar? I know you've seen me both glorify and shame salt. Well that because it can be beneficial, depending on how you actually use it. We want to share with you how we incorporate salt into our skin care products and how to extract its benefits.

Before learning about the benefits of salt, I assumed that salt was completely drying to the skin. I quickly found out that this can be beneficial depending on how its used. While I personally don't use salt scrubs because of my skin type, some find salt scrubs work better for their skin type. Salt can also aid in drawing in moisture when used as a bath soak and foot soak. We love using out Calendula Soak as a foot soak because it helps soften rough and callused heels on the feet.

Now, head Aesthetician and owner of Ay'Renee Spa, Ashley Renee says that using a sugar based scrub after waxing is more beneficial than using a salt based scrub. She says that the sugar based scrubs help retain moisture which is beneficial to the skin, especially for those prone to ingrown hairs. She recommends exfoliating 2-3 times a week to keep skin smooth. Also, always following up with a moisturizer. This varies with skin types.

If your skin prefers the salt scrubs over sugar scrubs you can use our Calendula soak as as additive to you shower gel for added exfoliation. This option gives you two different uses of our soak! Which ever method you choose make sure you follow up with a moisturizer.

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