Repel Elixir

What is this magical wonder of a insect repellant? Its our newest member of the Lexurious Skin Care Line up is our Repel Elixir. Repel is an all natural, moisturizing insect repellant. We carefully researched the perfect mixture of insect repelling essential oils and blended them with our ultra moisturizing blend of almond oil and grape seed oil. 

Repel was created with families in mind. We wanted to make something that would be healing but helps with the one problem we all have in the summer; Those pesky "Skitos"! We formulated our Repel elixir to be effective all while not smelling like a can of your favorite bug spray. What's even better is that its all natural and safe for all ages to use!

You can find Repel Elixir all summer long at Primitiva Collective and online. It will only be around for limited time so grab yours while supplies

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