The Beauty Blog Revamp

Hey my Lexurious Beauties! Things are about to start looking a little different around here! I've been brainstorming some ideas about where I want to take Lexurious and I think I have landed on something. 
I know how much I love diving into Ingredients and the beneficial properties of skin care products. I know that researching products and how they are formulated drives me in my own business. With that, I know that moving forward our beauty blog space on our website will focus more on educating you about the importance of skin care and everything that comes with it. 
This will include the latest trends in products, ingredients, routines and more. We know how much you love our products but being transparent, most of us use a combination of products. We feel that it would be helpful if you knew more about all of the products you use daily.
Our intentions is always to make sure have the healthiest, radiant, and beautiful looking skin. We also hope to help you discover new products or routines to try. We also intend to help people understand that skin care goes beyond the face. We will continue to focus on the entire body!

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