The Perfect Selfcare Day



Honestly I don't think I ever did selfcare the right way. I used to think selfcare was anytime that I was able to isolate and escape the world. It was only once I became a mom that I saw a new meaning to selfcare. Selfcare is always going to look different for everyone, so there is no right or wrong way. What is true is that everyone finds something that makes them feel good and add that to your "routine".

Before life gets busy, selfcare kind of looked like a hashtag and a picture captioned "Self Care" on the internet; because we all know that if its not on the internet, it doesn't exist. Once life started moving for real, finding the true meaning of selfcare was hard. Not only that, finding time seemed nearly impossible. This is when my views on what selfcare looks like for me, changed. 

When I became a mom, I found it harder and harder to find enough time for myself. I would find myself using any random moment I can get to myself as "self care". Most times it would be getting the house cleaned, as crazy as that sounds. I knew I needed a change once self care involved working!

I quickly started to find my own meaning of self care. Self to me meant pampering my self with things that I love. Sometimes it could mean that I had to spend money but most times its simple things that I can do at home. I knew I knew that I needed to create a routine that I could stick to. Its key to making sure that I do all of the things that I love and that helps me decompress after a long day/week.

Some of the thing in my routine include:

1. Soaking in a long hot bath and diving into those aromas is by far my favorite. Any new mom knows that long hot baths are near to impossible.

2.Another favorite of mine is melting down my body butters in my hands and lathering my skin with the buttery ingredients. Making sure moisture is locked in and helping my skin stay soft and supple is an ultimate self care must. 

 3. Journaling is always a great way to get rattled thoughts out of your mind and onto a piece of paper. It's and outlet to helping you process your day and getting though the most annoying and toughest parts of it. 

Simple routines like these are perfect little additions to show yourself some much needed love!


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