Topical Collagen, Is it worth it?

Collagen is known across the world as a beauty must have. It keeps the skin tight and right. Topical collagen as an ingredient added to creams or serums may not provide the best results. Vitamin C and using exfoliators regularly has been proven to boost collagen production in skin.

Because collagen is a big molecule, it’s unlikely to be absorbed effectively in order to stimulate collagen production. A topical collagen cream might provide a temporary plumping effect on skin, but isn’t the best permanent solution. To get the best and more long standing affects, you want to make sure you are adding the right vitamins and nutrients to your skin care routine.

Our Golden Body Elixir is formulated to provide proper moisture and nutrients to the skin. Our proprietary blend of oils will leave your skin moist and nourished. It is One of a kind luxury. It can be used with or without our body butter. It is the perfect base moisture on warm damp skin.

The almond oil in our elixir combined with the carrot seed oil helps with getting rid of dull and dehydrated skin. Almond oil, when used regularly on the face at night, works even better than expensive anti-aging night creams. This oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which helps with collagen production. This along with all of the other nourishing ingredients in our elixir helps the skin stay healthy and wrinkle free. 

 Grab your Golden body elixir and boost collagen production in your skin!

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